Born in 1999, Trnava, Slovakia, EU

I’ve played drums from the age of 6. Learned to play at musical schools and at private lessons.

Nowadays I’m studying at Conservatory in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia.
Musician, performer, drummer, educator.

I performed in Slovakia and Czech Republic at festivals like Trochu Kapel v Sacre Coeur in Prague, Jaslovské Bohunice Fest, Vianočné Trhy Trnava, Leto na Korze,  CountryFest Bohunice, City Park Fest and many more.

During the years I played with many artists like Family Friend, Second Band, Katie and TomCats, Gwyn Ashton, Katka Suchoňová, Bystrík, Allan Mikušek, Silvia Josifoska, Peter Luha, Andi Ray Haverda, Tomáš Koppl, Lukáš Piala, Willie Jones etc.




Pearl Vision 8×7, 10×8, 12×9, 14×14, 22×18

+ Pearl Sensitone 14×5,5, Gretsch Catalina 14x5

Gretsch Catalina Club – 12×8, 14×14, 18×14


Istanbul Mehmet Traditional 14″ HiHat, 20″ Ride, 17″ Crash

Istanbul Agop Traditional 18″ Crash

Istanbul Mehmet Turk 10″ Splash


e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
tel.: +421 917 572 065